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2018- 2019 Parent-Student-Teacher-School Compact

J. D. Dickerson Primary School

Parent-Student-Teacher-School Compact 2018-19


Where Little Indians Get Their Start to academic success by having students, parents, teachers, and the school work together!



I promise to:

·         believe that each student can learn

·         help each student grow to his/her fullest potential

·         come prepared to teach everyday

·         use appropriate technology to enhance classroom lessons and activities

·         enforce school and classroom rules fairly and consistently

·         provide high quality lessons that enable students to meet the standards

·         assign meaningful homework

·         communicate with parents and students

·         provide information about student progress

·         provide opportunities for parental involvement and parent conferences


Teacher Signature_____________________________ Date_________________



I promise to:

·         see that my child attends school regularly and is on time

·         provide a home environment that encourages and values learning

·         find a quiet place for homework and see that it is completed

·         attend parent/teacher conferences and communicate positively, respectfully, and often with my child’s teacher

·         support the school in developing and encouraging positive behavior

·         talk with my child daily about his/her school activities

·         encourage reading at home and monitor TV viewing/games, etc.

·         volunteer at my child’s school as much as possible


Parent Signature ______________________________   Date _______________



I promise to:

·         always try to do my best in my work and behavior

·         respect and cooperate with other students and adults

·         obey the school rules and show Little Indian PRIDE everywhere, everyday

·         study and complete classroom activities and homework

·         come prepared to learn everyday

·         believe that I can learn and will learn


Student Signature_____________________________ Date_________________



I promise to:

·         provide an environment that allows for positive communication between the school, staff, teacher, parent, and student

·         provide communication to stakeholders through a variety of sources

·         provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment


Principal Signature ___________________________ Date__________________

Revised September 30, 2013